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This work, housed in the collection of Wits Art Museum is entitled extractsand it reflects my interest in the partial and fragmented ways in which we know one another. Thesesculptures,made in clay and bronze,are all versions of my long-time friend and sitter, Wilson Mootane. The sculptures look like ancient fragments – small pieces suggestive of a larger history – much like archaeological remains extracted from the layered past which, when put together, begin to provide a more complete picture than any one fragment on its own could possibly provide.


It was first shown in2006 on an exhibition entitled Wrest, held at the Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg. 


Wrest refers to a tussle, with wresting the image from,materials, whichpush back, havea life of their own. Its spoken version ‘rest’ plays with the idea of final rest, finished image, completed moment – even as I work against endings, work to keep the images alive, unfixed and in flux.

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