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These three large bronzes were produced at the DSW bronze foundry in Pretoria with the assistance of Angus Taylor and his foundry team. The process involved making 3D scans of the small clay originals, laser cut steel armatures scaled up five times, and half a ton of clay! 


The titles given to the three new sculptures reflect the difficulty of the making process, one takes its title from a statement made by the Swiss sculptor Giacometti, ‘I sculpt because I am curious to know why I fail’; another, ‘Elbowed’, references the physical process, and also the sense of being affected by/impacted by an experience, and the third, the title for the largest one, Heart Head, references not so much the difficulty of the making, but its particular shape from certain angles evokes both its skull-like qualities as well as the muscly heart organ bringing home the sometimes unsettling fragility of the threshold between life and death. 

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