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The first lithograph I made was in 1996 with Malcolm Christian at the Caversham Press, Natal Midlands. I accompanied the South African artist Robert Hodgins as his guest, shortly after I completed my master’s degree in Fine Arts, and the lithograph is a portrait of him.  In 2013, working with Niall Bingham, I contributed a spitbite aquatint and dry point etching with hand-colouring, to the first Wits History of Art Print Portfolio. In 2017 I worked for a week with Mark Atwood at the Artist’s Press to produce six new prints.I worked to find a print equivalent for the layered translucent brush marks that are evident in my watercolour paintings. The combination of fluid broad areas overlaid with tighter more prominent defining marks to articulate the form, captured the complex range of solid and intricate sections that make up the skull.

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